Hello, my name is David Burrow. My wife Kelsey and I live in Altamont, Illinois together with our fantastic son, Henry! I own and operate Burrow Turf Care. My mission is to provide you with programs and services that take the guesswork out of a beautiful, green yard. I have been in this industry part time now for close to ten years and am in my second year full time. I have a degree in agronomy and turf management from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, have interned at the Effingham Country Club as a Spray Technician and Jr groundskeeper, and am continually learning what it takes to deliver quality turf, lawns, and sports field surfaces. I am at this by myself as of now, but as I gain more clients, I will expand my staff to include technicians and support members that will helpĀ deliver quality customer service and quality results. We know that your time and money are extremely valuable, so let us take on your lawn care needs. Thank you for visiting our website and take a look at our programs and services. We look forward to meeting and working with you!