Want to step it up a notch? Our Advanced Program is the answer.

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Advanced Program Benefits

  • Our Advanced Program includes all the benefits of our standard Program Plus:
  • White grub control.
  • One or multiple Barrier Pest Treatments-Controls Mosquitos/Fleas/Ticks.
  • Bagworm and Sod Webworm Control.
  • Optional Fungicide Program To Combat Diseases Such as Brown Patch, Dollar Spot and Rust.
  • The Fungicide program reduces the older dead growth producing the greenest yard.
  • Additional Fall fertilizer for exceptional color and density.
  • Will put your non-BTC treated neighbors yard to shame.



  • Ideal for smaller, high profile areas or higher profile sports turf.
  • This program requires irrigation to reach its full potential.
  • We will also address the type of grass and its density before proceeding with this program.
  • Fungus, and pests are controlled under normal circumstances.
  • Anything can happen with our weather and climate, but this program produces turf with less problems.
  • The one third rule must be followed. This means that you may have to mow every three to five days.
  • We will be on your property in spring, summer and fall. 5 to 7 times in total.