The Bug Stops Here!

Develop Your Home Defense Plan

Mosquito/Pest Control Benefits

  • Our treatment keeps the bugs out of your house!
  • We work to find and treat the sources of the pests.
  • One treatment gives a month of control under normal conditions.
  • Less ticks on your pets/less mosquito bites for your family.
  • With all the diseases and viruses, a solid control plan is mandatory.


  • Treatments are typically made from mid May to Late August.
  • Our chemical treatments need to dry (less than thirty minutes). Then, they are completely safe for your family and your pets
  • We have natural treatments available which are completely safe, but may need re-applied more frequently.
  • Most treatments last a month. If we have extended HEAVY rain, we may have to re-treat your area
  • We can specifically treat for large events! Wedding? Reunion? Picnic? No Problem. Your guests will thank you!