Our fertilizer program sets us apart. Read on to find out why.

Results Guaranteed.

Once a year? Is this for real?

  • Absolutely! Our fertilizer used in our Standard  and Advanced programs is a special blend of slow release particles that release at different times throughout the year. (Kind of like Osmocote (TM) that you find in high quality nursery plants.)
  • We put this product down at a high rate comparable to 4 lbs. of Nitrogen/1000 sq. ft. common on quality traditional plans.
  • With this product we are able to give you a higher quality product while reducing the dollars we have to spend on labor, keeping our services reasonably priced.
  • The material is coated with crabgrass preventer, and since there are more particles put down at once, there is phenomenal crabgrass control.
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Will my grass stay green for the whole season?

  • As long as there is adequate water, yes! When used on un-irrigated turf, you will experience the normal summer dormancy in most years, but you will see a nice green up in the fall after the rains start up again.
  • I want the deepest-darkest-borderline radioactive-most-supernova-green-make-my-neighbors-#superjealous lawn that I mow every other day… Is this product the answer? No. at least not by itself. Fertilization is a balance, and too much will result in higher disease susceptibility, increased clipping waste, and unsustainable watering requirements. Instead, we recommend visiting with us about our Advanced plan, which is a healthy way to a stunning lawn.
  • This fertilizer also acts like an organic, as in the plant gets a regulated amount over time. Its exactly like eating a bowl of oatmeal vs 5 Krispy Kreme(TM) Donuts for breakfast. Which do you feel better after eating Immediatley? How about two hours later? Its the same with grass: if it gets the nutrients in a big gulp portion it’ll look great for a few days, but then it will weaken, (the crash) and look pale, and may even run out of water and turn brown! This is why we use the one ap!

What about the environment?

  • With this product, 2.5 lbs of natural nitrogen is comparable to 4 lbs of normal urea nitrogen.
  • Also, this product is coated with a waxy coat which keeps the nitrogen from releasing during heavy rains.
  • What about this vs organic products? This product provides exactly what the plants need instead of organics, which must be decomposed to then allow plants to get the nitrogen. Bacteria in the soil have to release the NH4 nitrogen from the material through respiration therefore producing a huge amount of carbon dioxide because you had to put down 5 times the amount of product to get the same results as the One Ap product! If you have more questions on this we would be glad to explain more.
  • We also spend less time running back and forth to your property, so this saves vehicle emissions also!
  • Proven results/Environmentally Responsible is winning combination.
  • See the image to the right for more information: